Research Lead & Co-Lead

Senior Researchers

Photo of Mag. art. Patrick Proier

Mag. art. Patrick Proier

+43 (0)50804 22130

Projects: Expanded Animation Symposium

Photo of Huoston Rodrigues Batista, Ph.D.

Huoston Rodrigues Batista, Ph.D.

+43 (0)50804 22136

Projects: Expanded Animation Symposium, CATRINA

Photo of Christoph Schaufler, MA

Christoph Schaufler, MA

+43 (0)50804 22132

Projects: Expanded Animation Symposium, CATRINA, BlindBits

Photo of Dipl. Designer Alexander Wilhelm

Dipl. Designer Alexander Wilhelm

+43 (0)50804 22135

Projects: Expanded Animation Symposium


Photo of Andrea Aschauer, MA

Andrea Aschauer, MA

+43 (0)50804 27166

Projects: The Virtual House of Medusa, Bike'N'Play, PIEdeck

Past Staff & Students

Photo of Michael Ablinger, BSc

Michael Ablinger, BSc

Projects: Mühlviertel Pur App

Photo of Victoria Absmann, MA

Victoria Absmann, MA

Photo of Lukas Brunner, BSc

Lukas Brunner, BSc

Photo of Jens Cherukad, MA

Jens Cherukad, MA

Projects: InterPlayces

Photo of Andreas Friedl, MSc

Andreas Friedl, MSc

Projects: GEMPLAY, Game Changer

Photo of Florian Friedrich, MA

Florian Friedrich, MA

Photo of Nico Harather, MSc

Nico Harather, MSc

Projects: ZIEGE

Photo of Andreas Kasch, MSc

Andreas Kasch, MSc

Projects: ZIEGE

Photo of Michael Klammer, MA

Michael Klammer, MA

Photo of Lorenz Krautgartner, MSc

Lorenz Krautgartner, MSc

Projects: Cargo

Photo of Patrick Krinninger, BSc

Patrick Krinninger, BSc

Projects: Bike'N'Play

Photo of Fabian Leutgeb, MSc

Fabian Leutgeb, MSc

Projects: Mühlviertel Pur App

Photo of Gabriel Mittermair, MA

Gabriel Mittermair, MA

Projects: CATRINA, HektAR, Logistify

Photo of Daniel Rammer, MSc

Daniel Rammer, MSc

Projects: Bike'N'Play, GEMPLAY, BlindBits, Cargo

Photo of Moritz Rührlinger, MA

Moritz Rührlinger, MA

Projects: InterPlayces, GEMPLAY, ZIEGE

Photo of Areen Said, MSc

Areen Said, MSc

Projects: BlindBits

Photo of Philip Sonnleitner, BSc

Philip Sonnleitner, BSc

Projects: Play!UC, PIEdeck

Photo of Sarah Troschl, MSc

Sarah Troschl, MSc

Projects: GEMPLAY