The Virtual House of Medusa

The Virtual House of Medusa (VHM) is an interactive co-located VR installation for a museum context that was developed in collaboration with the Federal Monuments Authority Austria and the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien, to illustrate several fragments of Roman wall paintings. These archaeological artefacts were found at Lorch near Enns in Upper Austria and are one of the most important finds of provincial Roman wall paintings in Austria. The VHM is a playful installation with multiple virtual workstations, including one VR player and up to four fellow co-players. The players slip into the roles of archaeologists and experience the feeling that the past is being brought back to life piece by piece from a pile of shards. The fascination of their work is carried from workstation to workstation.

The VHM was firstly introduced during the exhibition “The House of Medusa” at the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien (KHM) in January 2018, and was exhibited at the Museum Lauriacum Enns, the Ars Electronica Center Linz and the ITFS Game Zone 2018 in Stuttgart.


  • Andrea Aschauer
  • Jürgen Hagler
  • Michael Lankes
  • Jeremiah Diephuis
  • Wolfgang Hochleitner
  • Georgi Kostov

Project Partners



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