Logistify - Augmented Reality App

Logistify is an educational augmented reality (AR) game about logistics and transportation that was developed in collaboration with the Logistikum in Steyr. Players learn about different means of transport, supply chains, the careful and efficient use of resources and about professions within the field of logistics.

The first game utilises AR markers to allow players to navigate a printed map of a typical harbour. Each container has different cargo that needs to be loaded on to the appropriate form of transportation, whether by train, truck or ship. For each shipment, there is an optimal choice based on weight, available time and price. The second game focuses on setting up the correct logistics chain for a variety of products, using printed cards to represent each link in the chain. The app verifies and animates each of the steps. The final game introduces players to the different jobs within logistics using a chat-based interface.


  • Jeremiah Diephuis (project leader)
  • Georgi Kostov
  • Gabriel Mittermair

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