Limelight is an innovative 2D platformer game supporting multiple player roles in a co-located, large public display setting. The game requires a a physically large interaction space and was designed for 1-10 players.

The main character is Limus, a sorcerer’s apprentice. He has to find three magic stones in a dark cellar to vanquish the evil SMorccS. While one player controls Limus with a gamepad, other people can support or obstruct his quest for the stones. Players are tracked by a laser ranging system and spawn the so called Lumees. They illuminate the dark cellar for Limus. Spectators can also use text messages or emails to create SMorcS in the game and make Limus’ quest a little more difficult.


  • Jeremiah Diephuis (project leader)
  • Wolfgang Hochleitner (project leader)
  • Michael Lankes (project leader)
  • Gerald Hauzenberger
  • René Ksuz
  • Thomas Peintner
  • Magdalena Soukup

Project Partner

Ars Electronica Center


Limelight at u19 Create Your World